Meet Visionz2turnt or V2T: A versatile rapper

August 12, 2020— An artist never needs any introduction. Javon Everett who is better known by his stage name “Visionz2turnt” is no stranger to the game. He is a versatile rapper whose music is based on real-life experiences. He is definitely a diversely gifted personality. V2T started rapping at the age of 11 and soon became an in-demand rapper.

Visionz2turnt has worked on many albums. These albums are still attracting great fans to him. Visionz2turnt has worked on several EP’s like “DRIP GLITCH” & “Shattered Heart”.

Visionz2turnt is on a mission to change the rap game and take out competition by storm, so come along for the ride.

About V2T’s personal life:

V2T was born on November 11, 1989, in Washington, DC. He was in elementary school when he started writing poetry, which later turned into freestyles. He was the oldest male in the home among his five siblings. He struggled a lot in his daily life and music became more and more important in his life. It wasn’t an easy ride at all.

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