New Single “Cappa” by Visionz2turnt & Mariduhkid

Javon Michael Everett, better known as Visionz2turnt, has come out with his latest single “Cappa” that dropped on May 28th. The artist released this uptempo song right before the summer. Javon is originally from Washington DC, a retired army professional and a single father of 5 beautiful and amazing kids.

Javon also is the owner of his record label called 4 Ever Paid Entertainment that offers help to artists who want to take their career to the next level while maintaining their studies at the same time. He also sells merchandise that caters to audiences of all ages and for all occasions. He also does acting, producing and physical fitness.

With music as his passion and something that can set his mood right at all times, he started his music journey with his own label in 2020 and finally got it off the ground by the end of 2021. He managed to take the time and patience out of his bachelor’s degree to put it into his musical career and it has started paying off.

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