Meet Visionz2turnt or V2T: A versatile rapper

August 12, 2020— An artist never needs any introduction. Javon Everett who is better know by his stage name “Visionz2turnt” is no stranger to the game. He is a versatile rapper whose music is based on real life experiences. He is definitely a diversely gifted personality. V2T started rapping at the age of 11 and […]

Meet Phenomenal Visionz2turnt A Musical Wonder

Today the world is shook by Visionz2turnt’s performance and nothing is stopping him from curating music that creates a balance across divers’ genres. Clarksville, TN- — Visionz2turnt or V2T for short, is a versatile rapper who pins down his music on everyday struggle and real-life experiences. He mixes rap, trap, hip hop, and pop all […]

Interview with Visionz2turnt

Raptology: What is your legal name and age?V2T: My legal name is Javon Everett and I’m 30years old. My birthday is November 11, 1989. Scorpio of course. Raptology: How did you come up with a stage name?V2T: I had many names growing up some stuck until this day others where based off where I lived […]