Visionz2turnt: Divorced, Single Father of 5 Living His Dreams Through Music

Visionz2turnt, Javon Everett, is a versatile rapper from Washington, D.C. Since age 11, Everett has never stopped making music. Everett has been able to connect with his fans beyond the surface level. For his fans, Everett’s lyrics have received most of the attention. The music he has produced has touched many lives from across the […]

Visionz2Turnt: From troubled past, to bright future

Javon Michael Everett, native to Washington, District of Columbia, is an American rapper and songwriter known by his rap moniker, Visionz2turnt. The name originated from his street name Visionz and a label he started called 2turnt. While he is an artist with a budding career in sight, his path began from a young age and […]

Visionz2turnt Bio, Net Worth, Height

Visionz2turnt is well known for his single “IDK” which garnered attention from major labels & fans nationwide in April of 2020. The video went viral on WSHH and currently has almost a million plays. “Loyalty is what I’m all about, whoever started with me ends with me” is his exact words. Simultaneously, he met with […]